the people
the people

The inspirations are:
1) start a website called and list all judges, Police DPOs and ALL civil service directors for the public to comment on and rate what is happening under them in their departments.
2) form a community based organization called the people incorporated, TPI, non-party non-political group which allows independent moral leaders to be developed from community level to participate in politics in a different body which is separate from NASS but equally or more powerful. They actually deliberate and decide on social matters and budgets approved for government to spend. It also organizes the people in such a way that we always have funds separate from government funds to oppose government efforts that we disagree with, invest in businesses and use for community projects.
3) make the TPI powerful enough for all politicians that we sponsor to sign a “No Challenge Recall” agreement” which means they will not oppose a recall started by their community if they find they have not kept with the goals of TPI

I have worked harder on these in the last few days and finished the first document and started the platform…now I need a good journalist and strong person to manage this, using our office and my mind can be at rest on eDokita.

We power this via Nigerians in diaspora and use a journalist locally as coordinator and use student unions across the country as contacts/organizing locations/offices or launchpads locations


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