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Habeeb Tunde Ali, Born and raised in the inner city neighborhood of Isale Alfa  (one of the inner and earliest communities of the Ibadan metropolis) and later lived at Olorunsogo Akanran Road; both communities in Ibadan, Oyo State.

My early childhood was like every other kid in the core communities in Ibadan. Isale Alfa is characterized by poverty, high population density and low quality residences among other undesirable features.

My parents were poor civil servants who have been my outstanding supporters and role models throughout my life. This background was always helpful in my vision while doing the research and the writing of this work.

True story, funny now but not then: I started elementary school a year later than my mates due to my small size and my hand could not reach my opposite ear as was the practice then for elementary school admission despite having  already excelled all activities in nursery/preschool. I still remember the tears in my eyes and the anger in my heart till this day for this dumb policy that held me back one extra year.

Growing up

My elementary schools were at Islamic School Odo-Oye initially and then St Michael’s Catholic Primary School for the rest 5 years. I then completed my Secondary School at Basorun High School, Bashorun, Ibadan. I attended and graduated from the University of Ibadan in 1992 as a medical doctor. In many ways, I am a grateful recipient of the free education.