true democracy

A Bit of History?

The whole idea of democracy was that people, according to history from the then Greece nation, fought against allowing only the kings and chiefs to determine their faiths and what happens to them as a people. In many societies during these times, the kings and chiefs ascended to their leadership positions or throne as decided by blood or select elite committee of people, or appointed by the king. There then existed the desire and the need to involve each citizen in the determination process of leadership. So instead of allowing the process where they were told what to do and informed who to follow, they wanted to choose themselves through an open process available to all citizens conveniently what to do, how to do it, and who to appoint as a leader. They met in halls, public places to discuss, debate and then vote.

These times were also of high ethics and morals, and a commitment to the greater good of society commonly felt and believed by most. Therefore the politicians were of the people, from the same people, and by the same people; meaning that the leadership has chosen often represented their interests once they followed these convenient transparent participatory processes of an election. So the various democratic societies at the time might have chosen the wrong leader who misrepresented their interests afterward or they might have made wrong decisions on slavery, women abuse, etc but the decision was theirs. So how come it has become so difficult to carry out election and why do we make it so inconvenient and cumbersome?

Let’s State the Facts:

Our people vote regularly and they accept the outcome at the communities community social groups, local cooperatives etc.

  • Each community has active processes of leadership

-tribal elder

-religious elder

-trusted elders

-landlord association

-community service clubs

-social clubs


  • Each community knows

-who their DPO is

-local police station

-local bank of some sort

-financial clubs like cooperatives

  • Many communities are able to secure their environment to some significant measure and even more especially when federally empowered or supported especially at a time like this one.
  • Many private establishments already have security measures including human, material and other technology platforms that can be adjusted or modified for election processes including registration, identification to actual voting and results processing.
  • Most professionals or elites will gladly participate in an election process even if they choose not to vote.
  • Opportunity for private participation in some aspects will engender more competition for better systems and processes.

· Community leadership and the various community organization election processes and outcomes choosing their leaders are usually and accepted and unchallenged in court.

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