Living and Moaning a Process Flawed?

The complaints are many but I list some:

  • only the federal INEC office makes all the election process determinations;
  • the ability for INEC to be influenced by the president;
  • Lack of true community/public participation in INEC election planning and decisions;
  • INEC officials sabotaging the process;
  • distrust of corrupt or biased INEC officials
  • The incompetence of INEC and or officials;
  • Uncaring INEC part-time officials;
  • Federally controlled security apparatus serving other interests;
  • locating polling stations inconveniently voting does not ensure the right candidate choice;
  • Election disruption;
  • Poor voter security;
  • voting process manipulation;
  • voter intimidation;
  • vote-buying;
  • election process rigging;
  • failed logistics in materials and manpower;
  • security issues;
  • one day voting only;
  • Expensive, prolonged and supposedly corrupt election tribunals;
  • Distrusted election tribunal decisions;
  • Nigerians in diaspora disenfranchised;
  • No community involvement in the process


So, what really stops us from re-inventing our democratic process for better as a people? Thus, let us break it down.

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